Day 15

January 29, 2015
Day 15: Peapods

Out of all of Ann’s pregnancies, our second oldest, Madison, was probably the easiest. Ann will tell you the whole nine months were pretty much a non-issue, outside of random bouts of heartburn and the occasional craving for Wendy’s classic Greek pitas. I say “occasionally” because midnight runs to Wendy’s for this hot ticket menu item were more prevalent during her first pregnancy than during these times, but every so often she’d ask, “Do you want to do a favor for me?!” Yes, this is code for, “They probably don’t sell them anymore, but do you want to take a drive and find out for me?!”

During the third trimester, Ann was becoming very fond of every little kick and hiccup Madison would kindly extend. She used to rush over to me and grab my hand, placing it just to the side of her bellybutton, happily waiting to see if I could feel the magic too.

If Madison ever complied with Ann’s desire to publicly share their loving bond, Ann would get extremely excited. Her smile would extend from ear to ear and then she’d gently do the “pea shake.”  The “pea shake” is kind of like watching a woman subtlety trying to hold up an imaginary hula-hoop while loosely preforming the ever so popular, 1950s dance craze, the twist. I assure you no children were put in harm’s way during this display of such motherly pride. If anything, if anyone got hurt it was me, as I’d laugh until my sides hurt while Ann boogied those few minutes away.

Already, Madison was Ann’s, “little pea.” This title would stick shortly after we left one day to pick up Ann some new maternity clothes, or “ternity clothes,” as Ann likes to call them. We stumbled upon a new store in the Atlanta area called “A Pea in the Pod.” That my friends was all Ann needed! Ann immediately saw that as a sign and the rest is history…

So in honor of every kick that creates a smile, I present this peapod. Every time I see a peapod now, I can see some of the very moments that helped to shape her. I am reminded that her smile will carry on throughout the ages  and most importantly, I see her, just as unconditionally as I did when I first laid eyes on her… almost eighteen years ago.


Medium: Watercolors
Size: 6 x 4 (inches)
Materials: 90lb Cold Press Paper
Frame: Mini Wooden Shadow Box with Glass (4 5/8"W x 6 5/8"T x 1.25"D)
Completed: Monday, October 13, 2014

Artist: Adam Kiger
Represented By: Park View Gallery
Artist's Website:


Who is Ann and what is 31 flavors of love?!