Day 22

February 5, 2015
Day 22: Cats

Over the years, I’ve found it hard to not notice that we generally like to categorize, to classify and to group all we can into nice, pretty packages. There’s a level of comfort that’s gained when implementing such control, helping to rationalize and normalize an incredible amount of variables. So it should come as no surprise when I say that I too asked the following question, “Is Ann a cat person or a dog person?”

When I first walked into her apartment, almost two decades ago, Ann had four cats, Milo, Pixie, Topaz and Yoda. I was thrilled to see them as I had grown up with cats. I never had a preference over one species to the other. In fact, I also had dogs strung throughout my childhood, but for whatever reason, seeing her cats provided me with a bit of relief.

So did I ask the question? I did, silently to myself of course. I also asked, given the fact that she had four cats, was there a possibility that Ann could be in training for a future opening in the crazy cat lady club?! I hate to have to burst your bubbles, but the answer is and was an emphatic “No!”

Milo was your typical mix breed, brown and dark spotted cat. He was trip and was definitely my favorite of the four. Topaz was a Siamese mix and had the most beautiful blue eyes, hence the reason for his name. Pixie was a fat, dark gray, long haired mutt of a cat. The cat was weird and Ann will most definitely agree. The cat would hide as if it was being chased by some rabid serial killer. Pixie could have her moments, but just when you’d let the cat get settled in on your lap, she’d start drooling all over you like an obnoxious hound dog. Then came Yoda, Ann’s favorite…

Granted, I’m a Star Wars fanatic so the cat’s name surely grabbed my attention, but the bond Ann and this shorthaired, white cat had was almost beyond belief. Yoda would talk to Ann as if the cat knew English, but its vocal cords refused to cooperate. The most incredible part is that Ann would answer and before you knew it, they would both be leading each other around, just chatting away like two best friends at a sleepover.

Yoda was with our family until a few months before Hannah came into the picture. Yoda’s passing was devastating to our family, but no one felt the loss more than Ann. To see someone you care about so much lose a part of their life is heartbreaking. Their beloved friendship was awe-inspiring and I consider myself lucky to have witnessed even a single minute of the life they so honorably shared.

So in honor of every muffin made, I present this cat. Every time I see a cat now, I can see her connection to all that Heaven intended. I can see the pride in her eyes having been bound by purpose and most importantly, I see her, just as unconditionally as I did when I first laid eyes on her… almost eighteen years ago.


Medium: Watercolors
Size: 6 x 4 (inches)
Materials: 90lb Cold Press Paper
Frame: Mini Wooden Shadow Box with Glass (4 5/8"W x 6 5/8"T x 1.25"D)
Completed: Monday, October 20, 2014

Artist: Adam Kiger
Represented By: Park View Gallery
Artist's Website:


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