Day 24

February 7, 2015
Day 24: Candles

“Nothing good ever happens in darkness or silence.” These are words that should sound familiar if you’ve been following along. If not, feel free to swing over to Day 12 and get caught up!

Candles have been lit ever since the first day I walked into Ann’s life. I can remember her little votive lamps scattered throughout her apartment. She went through a six-pack a day and every afternoon she’d head over to Publix, religiously keeping her supply stocked. I can’t remember a single day over all these years where a candle hasn’t been lit. Lord knows her ritual comes in handy anytime the power has gone out.

Ann moved from small votives to large column candles shortly after our second daughter was born. The upgrade didn’t last very long. We were in our first house and we had an opening in our kitchen that looked out into our living room. Ann’s had her cows (Day 2), a plant and her candles resting on the ledge. After a few days of burning, the candles would drip wax all over the ledge and she’d spend hours over the weekend trying to get it up. After about a month, she quietly converted back to her tried and true.

A few years later Ann came home with some scented votives and glad plug-ins. She was genuinely thrilled to try them out. After a few rounds of the plug-ins, she became somewhat disenchanted. Shortly after shaking off her disappointment, Ann ventured over to the kitchen cabinets, grabbed one of the apple-cinnamon votives she had also picked up in the original batch and reluctantly lit it. Instantly the candle was a hit!

I probably should have invested in apple-cinnamon votive stock about a decade ago.  Just as important as it is to have trash bags, bread, shampoo, basically all the common household necessities, no grocery trip is taken in my home without the purchase of a candle, especially the kind that pleasently remind her of the Fall.

So in honor of all that lights our way, I present this candle. Every time I see a candle now, I know she’s near. I know no matter how dark my world becomes, she will light the way and most importantly, I see her, just as unconditionally as I did when I first laid eyes on her… almost eighteen years ago.


Medium: Watercolors
Size: 6 x 4 (inches)
Materials: 90lb Cold Press Paper
Frame: Mini Wooden Shadow Box with Glass (4 5/8"W x 6 5/8"T x 1.25"D)
Completed: Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Artist: Adam Kiger
Represented By: Park View Gallery
Artist's Website:


Who is Ann and what is 31 flavors of love?!