Adam Kiger | Lucille Khornak Gallery Southampton Opening

Adam Kiger | Lucille Khornak Gallery Southampton Opening

Chances are you have seen a Lucille Khornak photograph without even knowing.

Lucille Khornack is a portrait specialist in the Hamptons, New York, and Palm Beach....flying to exotic locations for her clients in Paris, St. Bart, Dubai....hopping from beach to beach across the globe.

Her two galleries have become a fixture of the elite Hamptons communities.

Before her Hamptons days, LK was a commercial photographer with a portfolio including General Mills, Proctor and Gamble and Rolls Royce (for which LK will be featured in an upcoming art book of the famed auto brand).

In celebration of her 5th year in the Hamptons, LK opened the doors to her galleries in Southampton and Bridgehampton to emerging artists from all over the nation.

Lucille’s love for fine art, fashion and family resonate in everything that she does.

Last night’s solo show featuring Columbus based artist Adam Kiger, exemplifies these passions.

The reception unfolded not unlike an informal family gathering, a family knit by a singular love of art. Through sharing stories and similar experiences, the patrons had an opportunity to grow closer together.

This wasn’t your average stiff upper lip, old school gallery reception. Kiger and LK’s collaboration brought art back to the heart. Laughter was heard and tears were shed.

Those in attendance to the reception experienced the fullness of viewership that only a gallery experience can offer. The merging of life paths, the telling of tales.

Here is the crossroad for the artist, the artwork and the viewer.


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