RAW:natural born artists Feature - Adam Kiger

RAW:natural born artists Feature - Adam Kiger

"RAW Columbus visual artist Adam Kiger’s work captures human moments and experiences that are incredibly vulnerable and honest, through highly detailed and realistic acrylic painting. To him, it’s personal. And, effecting us visually and emotionally as voyeurs, why shouldn’t it be?

"I came from a long line of oil and acrylic artists. I actually fought my creative urges throughout most of my childhood and for the latter part of my teenage years. My talents would later prove to be one of the deciding factors attributed to saving my life," explains Kiger.

"I am no stranger to adversity. As a child, I had to learn to embrace the callused hands of abuse. As a teenager and through my adult life, I watched good people and loved one’s succumb to the siren songs of addiction and I’ve stood by helplessly while they were lowered into hallowed ground. I was a fan of worthlessness and self-loathing all throughout my teens until my early twenties. My self-worth was deeply embedded in and defined by others instead of myself. This would be something I would not recognize until I met my wife, Ann, for the first time in 1996."

Kiger’s paintings often incorporate layers of images and, in turn, various -- sometimes, contraditory -- emotions intended to be felt by their viewers. His work encourages us to come face-to-face with our own cultural expectations regarding sex, love, and relationships, whatever they may be.

"Over the past three decades, no matter what road I was run off of or ran myself off of, the one commonality has always been attributed to some characteristic of denial. And where there’s denial, there’s a yearning for the truth. With that said, my work tends to focus on the heart, the evolution of the soul and every facet of life’s abhorrent pains. But I always try to depict a positive message too - the persistence and the right of the individual in recapturing what once belonged to them."

Adam Kiger was recently chosen to represent Genie Canvas. His work is represented at Agora Gallery in Chelsea, New York, and will be showcased there July 10th, 2014.

More of his work can be found at www.adamkiger.com.

See Adam Kiger’s paintings on display at RAW:COLUMBUS PRESENTS REVOLUTION