ARTIST OF THE MONTH - Adam Kiger - Raising Art in Ohio

ARTIST OF THE MONTH - Adam Kiger - Raising Art in Ohio

"Born to a family of artists, becoming a professional artist was never in the plan Adam Kiger had for his life. Although painting was something Adam did as a hobby, and despite his great talent, due to his youthful rebellious nature he fought against the “genetic gift” he had been given in art. However, he found himself drawn to art class in school, and, although he didn’t much care for his other classes, High School was the starting point that helped Adam define his artistic voice, finding inspiration by the banality and seeming persecution of adolescence.

Adam had his first gallery showing when he was 18, but, still defying the “family business”, and his talent, he attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1993 for Visual Communications to become a Medical Illustrator.He started his career as an Internet Architect in the mid-90’s, ultimately creating & owning an Internet development firm, in business since 2007.

During this time, Adam sharpened his style, creating haunting & exquisitely dark and detailed acrylic paintings. Some so realistic, they could pass for photographs. There’s a prevailing feeling of pain that casts a shadow over much of his work, but the pain is exquisitely beautiful - naked emotions laid bare on the canvas. Adam uses a Neo-Dada/Pop-art approach to capture his breathtaking imagery.

After painting for over 25 years, Adam saw an overwhelming need for ALL artists to gain exposure. He decided to donate his engineering talents to the creative community and in that process K2 Gallery was born. This online gallery was built to offer artists a free resource in hopes to assist them in gaining some much needed exposure. The gallery now holds weekly “BATTLEGROUND” (art battle), open to artists of all mediums.

Adam’s work may focus on what he calls “life’s abhorrent pains”, but one need only look a little deeper to find his message of hope."