An in-depth review of Adam Kiger's fine art... The Mind Mapper

An in-depth review of Adam Kiger's fine art... The Mind Mapper

"Adam Kiger is an American artist from Columbus, Ohio. Kiger studied at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and is also a published poet and a successful Internet Architect. He paints with acrylics and his inspiration is his heart and the produce of the creative imagery which pulsates out of it. Kiger produces snapshots of emotions by painting various subjects which evoke those very emotions.

The first thing I noticed about Kiger’s artworks was the use of simple yet effective titles. The titles of many of Kiger’s works act as key words which describe important human emotions and events in life; Enchantment, Marriage, Effort, Hide, Denial, and Wisdom to name a few. These are the first indications of what the artist is going to convey through their art. When you look through Kiger’s website, read his ’about’ section, and look at the man behind the artist, you will slowly start to emerge yourself into his world, a raw underground of inner truth. Kiger’s website is a montage of the mind.

Kiger actually talks about past reviews about his work in the ’about’ section on his website, stating "Some reviews have labelled my work as ’dark’", later stating that in actuality he strives to deliver a positive message. So, why do some people label Kiger’s artworks as ’dark’, and are they right? Or do they actually overlook the fundamental purpose of Kiger’s art?

The colour, subject matter and texture of Kiger’s paintings all point to a sense of mystery and intrigue, with monochrome images of subjects such as hiding children, masked figures, skulls and Owls. These are all subject matters which one could argue are indeed ’dark’, especially when rendered in black and white. However these things are manufactured from Kiger’s mind, or captured and reproduced by his keen eye in order to shed light on "an individual’s distributed denial". Kiger’s subjects are apparitions of sensations, things which are not expressed through colour, rather, expressed through lack of colour. Where my opinion primarily differs to other reviewers is that I do not think the paintings are stereotypically dark (Sad, angry, gothic, dejected or hateful). In reality they are inspired by Kiger’s mind; a clandestine universe of mystery which he is fabricating on canvas, or indeed, in his pen through the medium of poetry. And each painting he creates unfolds in the form of a distilled, purified, single emotion. What’s so dark about that? In using this method Kiger is able to produce raw emotion on canvas, which even when sad is not ’dark’.

It is hard to describe what Kiger actually paints. Perhaps they could be described as envisions or creations. Either way I would never call them fantasies, as each image’s conception is fundamentally grounded on truth. To this effect, there is an ever-present element of vivid realism in everything he paints. Kiger then couples this realism with a beautiful painting technique. As a result he is able to paint melting skulls without them appearing grotesque, yet when he wants to, he can paint a scream which conveys utter terror without having to instil utter terror in the viewer.

In summary, Adam Kiger is an artist who produces beautiful paintings. Paintings which aren’t landscapes, or portraits or even fantasies. Kiger hybridises realism and expressionism, he paints the truth which lies within, and he paints it with beautiful conviction. I therefore would not be surprised if he achieves his goal of exhibiting in New York by 2016.

If you want to view Kiger’s art for yourself in real life rather than on your computer screen then you’re in luck. The Global Art League is running "The International Exhibition of Emerging Artists of 2013". Where? Historic Montreal (Canada) Art Centre’s Building. When? July 20th to August 17th 2013. I can assure you that if I was living on the other side of the pond I’d make the trip myself to see Kiger’s art in situ, however someone is going to have to do that for me... You!

Jack Snape"